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WordPress powers around 30% of all websites(with and without a CMS), which is an amazing number.

And while WordPress is an amazing content management system(CMS), there are certain prerequisites to get the best out of it.

The most important thing that holds your WordPress website is hosting.

And hosting alone can make your WP site either the best or worst experience for both your visitors and yourself.

This is why we see an increase in amount of WP sites migrated every month.

If your WordPress site is on a bad/slow/insecure hosting, it will affect your visits, sales and overall feel of your site.

The main reasons behind WordPress migrations

There are many reasons why people decide to migrate their WP site to another hosting platform. Here are some of most common ones:

  • -slow speed
  • -outdated PHP and MySQL
  • -hard to manage and navigate around
  • -lack of options such as free SSL
  • -consolidation(when people have multiple WP sites on various hostings and want to put them under one tree)

The main reasons why people avoid WordPress migrations

There are many reasons why people want to migrate, but there are even more for why they don’t:

  • -lack of technical knowledge
  • -lack of time
  • -unawareness of such possibility
  • -unawareness of positive things that migration can bring
  • -fear of breaking the site or part of the site
  • -fear that site will go down during migration

Why professional WordPress migration may be the best solution for you

Most people aren’t tech savvy, and that’s okay. You can’t be perfect at everything, and the same stands for ourselves.

While we have our own struggles in life and business, we are extraordinarily good in one single industry- WordPress migrations.

With 10 years of hands on experience, we pride ourselves in offering the best, fastest and highest quality WP migration.

Our experience and tools allows us to perform every WP migration quickly and professionally.

How does WP migration works

After 10 years of working in this field, we can say it became really easy for us to do it. We know all the ins and outs, all problems and hidden potential issues.

We always do manual migrations of files and databases, never utilizing plugins and third party tools that can make a mess out of a WP website, especially down the road.

This is why migrating your website with us is so easy and effortless:

  • -You order the migration package that suits your needs and send us the logins of your WP site as well new and old hosting accounts.
  • -We examine everything, and carefully move both files and database(s), making sure everything stay intact and still works properly.